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What to Look for When Selecting a Professional Installer

When selecting someone to do installation work for us, we typically ask, “What do you charge?”  What they charge and what it will cost you, especially in the long run, are not always the same.  In addition to “What do you charge?” be certain you ask the following...


1.  How long have you been in business?  It’s not a matter of years
     as much as what they have accomplished during those years.  What
     types of installations have they done?  How many certifications do
     they hold?  What awards have they received?


2.  Are you licensed?  All states require licensing for general contractors,
     but not all do for remodelers.  Check your local area for requirements.


3.  Are you insured?  State licensing agencies required builders to be
     insured - except in states where remodelers do not have to be
     licensed.  Make certain the remodeler has Workers’ Compensation
     and General Liability coverage.  Their insurance agency can provide
     a current statement for you to review.


4.  Do you have references?  Ask for and check at least 3 references.
     Go and see their work, and ask former customers about their buying and
     installation experience.


5.  When can you provide a quote in writing?  Always ask for a bid or
     quote in writing and establish a deadline.  That will help you know how
     reliable they will be.


6.  Are you active in your local builders association or NARI?  NARI
     stands for National Association of the Remodeling Industry.  Being a
     member does not guarantee a quality job, however if they are active
     members, it is an indication of the individual and their company’s
     commitment to the industry and its standards.  The same holds true
     if they are members of the Local HBA’s Remodelers Council.