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U4 Glass Technology

Innovation continues to come as Moss collaborates with key vendors in meeting the continued challenges of producing a quality product that is affordable, yet meets or exceeds the growing demand for wiser-use of energy. After all, experts tell us that up to 21% of our total energy bill is lost through windows and doors.


How do you get a handle on such loss?


Long-time trade partner AGC has partnered with Moss to introduce U4 Glass Technology to the markets we serve. This innovation is a proactive approach in boosting energy savings. What is U4 Glass Technology?


In the past, double-glazed window manufacturers were able to control some losses through the addition of a low-e coating to the inner surface of the outer pane. U4 features patent-pending scratch-resistant technology, enabling an additional coating on the surface that faces the interior of your home to maximize energy performance. The outcome is a unit that has third-party test results that rival or exceed insulated glass units that are augmented with argon, which everyone agrees, migrates or leaks from even hermetically sealed units over time.


Moss windows and doors with U4 Glass Technology are as efficient the first day they are installed and will continue to keep that edge for decades of worry-free service and savings for your home.






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